A Bee’s Diary

In a beehive, tens of thousands of tiny animals work toward a common goal: the survival of the colony. But what is life like for an individual honeybee? A Bee’s Diary tells that story. Scientists are learning that each bee in a hive is an individual, with its own personality. Some are timid, some are brave. Some like it hot, others don’t. Some are smart, and some not so much.

Told from the point of view of just two bees – a elderly “winter bee” who nurtures the new

generation, and a young forager who grows as the colony expands – the film reveals the secrets of a bee’s life from a completely new perspective. Through an alpine spring and summer, the film follows two star bees as they tend to their colony, forage, scout, get lost and fight off invaders – each with her own unique style and personality. The stunning Bavarian Alps form the backdrop, while macro photography and cinematic graphics bring a bee’s story life, capturing the beauty of her world, the decisions she makes and the drama that comes with being a bee.